Whistles of the Compact series

Work is underway to create a line of compact whistles with very close hole spacing. For example, Low Re with finger spacing like Alto Sol. Read on for more details.


In these whistles, the technology of high holes and a thick tube is used, which allows the upper edge of the hole to be shifted relative to the lower one.


  1. The volume of the notes of such a whistle is, of course, less than usual.
  2. The timbre qualities have also been slightly changed.
  3. Taking a lowering of the 2nd stage is also problematic on such whistles. But in Irish traditional music, it doesn't really apply.
But for people with small fingers, with injuries, this is the only instrument that will allow them to play one key or another.

In the plans

The workshop will eventually develop Alt Sol, Low Re, Low Do, Bass B-flat, Bass Sol whistles.