About us

Dante Music is a musical instrument workshop. Has been working since 2005. Founder - Dmitry Filippov.
For a long time, I really wanted to learn how to play the flute. But we are not looking for simple ways. Instead of buying a whistle, I decided to make one. And when I made the first whistle, I realized that I can make musical instruments for other people as well.
But, before it was time to go out with my whistles and say I have something to offer, it took a lot of time. Long years of searching for my own formula for a musical instrument. When finally it was found and the Dante Music workshop appeared.
Now our workshop makes a variety of whistles, and more recently, recorders.
When you are reading this, then you are seeing our site. This is an important and responsible step - creating your own website. And we did it. The site is the face of our workshop in the modern world.
There are many things in the plans for the future. New musical instruments. Many new musical instruments.
The basis of our successful work is the feedback from our clients. They tell them what they like and have more work to do.
Summing up, I would like to note that we are slaves to try. Try to make musical instruments for every taste.
Yours sincerely, Dmitry.