X-music is a program that allows you to display notes in tabs for different instruments. Play MIDI. Make your own scores. And much more.

When I came across the existing programs for musicians, they seemed too complicated and difficult to me.
For a beginner musician. And I started to create my own. Now I use it. Of course, there is still a lot to do, but this program is already helping me a lot.

Features of the program:

  • Music editor with quick and easy note input mode.
  • Transpose notes
  • Own files of notes * .xmc, which allows you to store notes, settings, performance characteristics in one place.
  • Quick opening, display of notes and easy navigation between different tunes - even on a netbook.
  • Hot keys - more convenient and faster interface, also duplicated in the menu.
  • Not demanding on computer resources.
  • Playing notes of the melody by the flute player following the current position indicator.
  • Playing a melody on a real instrument without sound following the cursor
  • Importing ABC files
  • Importing and Editing MIDI Files
  • Transition from one melody in the current directory to another by means of the program
  • Convenient means of scaling the window, notes
  • Fast text entry (labels below notes) notes for voice parts
  • Display of notes on the flute (holes), tabs mode.
  • Supported flutes - Whistle Do, Whistle Re, Soprano G Recorder.
  • Sane detailed help for the program.

In the plans

Also now an interactive musical notation and terms are being added to the program. Also in the plans - much more.
True, to do it, time is needed, but it is not, time is taken up by work. Therefore, I would be grateful for any financial assistance to this project. This will significantly increase the speed of work on this project. For anyone interested, write to the Contacts section of this site.